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Our Satisfied Customers

"My in-laws have had trouble with their water well pump for years. It's always the same thing, The pump goes out, trips the breaker in the process, and there they are. No water. Let me mention my in -laws are in their mid 80s so when something happens my wife and I usually get the call. Well, over the years we have met with many a water well guy that was able to get the pump up and running. That is until the next time it goes down. The old pump went out again last week but instead of a water well company an acquaintance suggested KC Electrical. Keith came out and diagnosed the problem as a faulty electrical line between the pump and the house. He replaced the line quickly and my in-laws pump has ginned smoothly ever since. Thank you Keith! It was a pleasure doing business with KC Electrical and I whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone in need of electrical services." Dave Barber
"Highly recommend KC Electrical. So far I have used them twice and it's the best experience that I have had dealing with any service contractor. They were very responsive, punctual and their prices were excellent. Everything was done just as asked very professionally. Could not be happier and we will definetely use KC Electrical again in the future." SRUDENKO81 - April 20, 2012
"KC electric was honest, dependable and got the job done in one day, and knew what was needed and got it done! Highly recommended, and worth every penny!" Google User
"I had no idea about electrical stuff so I hired an electrician to install a new light that I bought. The electrician that KC Electrical sent was amazing. He was a smooth worker, he finished the job without making the room dirty. He had a great personality too, always cheerful and respectful. I would surely recommend KC Electrical to everyone I know and I would definitely hire them again for future electrical jobs." Google User
"KC Electric rewired my entire house and shop building in Alvin. I'm so glad I found this company! The job took a little over a week. They even worked on a Saturday so we could have our electricity back as quickly as possible. In fact, we only had to go completely without electricity for a couple of hours one or two days. They coordinated the job so that we would have some electricity in some parts of the house at all times, which in my opinion was pretty amazing, given they had to remove all the old service and wiring and move the meter to a different location. The whole job went more smoothly than I could have imagined. They coordinated with the city inspectors and utility company so well we had no delays. They arrived early every morning and worked steadily and professionally, and every member of their crew was polite and professional. The thing I liked most, and the reason I chose them over the other contractors who bid the job was that they listened to me, and tried to understand exactly what I wanted, and they communicated very well in explaining the progress of the job, and when there was something that could not or should not be done the way I wanted, they explained exactly why it should be done another way. They gave me, without cost, a detailed bid. The owner, Keith, wrote a very impressive letter for my insurance company, explaining what was being done and how it would improve the safety and value of my house. At the end of the job, they even did a small extra job I asked for completely free, even though I offered to pay them for it. My house is 60 years old, and there had been a lot of people over the years modifying the wiring and receptacles, and it was an unbelievable mess, but the guys from KC Electric never complained about it... they just found a way to work through every problem so that we were never inconvenienced during the job. I will definitely call them back if I ever want any modifications in the future, and I recommend them highly. All the inspections went smoothly, and even the guy from the utility company who connected the service was impressed with the work they had done at the connection site. I have dealt with many contractors over the years that I have been remodelling my old house, and I would say KC Electric is the best of the lot." Goody - March 15, 2013
"KC did a complete re-wire of my 60 yr old house in Alvin. I can't say enough good things about this company. I've dealt with many contractors over the years and this one is the best I've ever dealt with. Competitive bid, personable, responsive, professional, fast and thorough. The owner, Keith, a master electrician, impressed me from the beginning. He provided me a FREE detailed bid, he communicated with me very well (listening to me AND explaining what they were doing). His entire crew were very professional and hard working and friendly. They respected my house, doing a good, clean, safe job. They had a lot of problems to deal with, as my wiring had been rigged and re-worked over the years by an assortment of amateurs. The entire job took just over a week, including installing a new service connection away from the house, underground cable from the connection to the new service panel, and many extras I wanted with the re-wire, and the best part was during the entire job we were only without electricity for 3 or 4 hours on 2 days... really amazing. They even worked on Saturday to get the job done faster for us, in spite of them having some other jobs going at the same time. They coordinated the job so we always had electricity in some part of the house except those 2 brief periods. All the inspections went smoothly and even the guy from the utility company was impressed with the way they set up the new connection site. Keith wrote a very professional letter for me (without me asking) for my insurance company, explaining the work they were doing and how it would improve the safety and value of my house. He did it just because I mentioned to him that my insurance company had sent me a letter inquiring about the work that was going on at my house. I definitely recommend this company for electrical jobs... anyone considering them is welcome to call me and even come to my house and see the work, with their proper ID and exchange of address and phone number. Ask Keith or his secretary for my name and number." DGoody
"I was outside working with power tools and a long extension cord when I heard a loud bang and the power went out out my house. It sounded like it came from my breaker box and I figured I had blown something inside. It's summer and it quickly got up to about 90 degrees and rising with no AC. I called KC Electrical and actually got the electrician and not an answering service which is amazing. He was friendly and told me he'd be at my house in an hour and a half. Ended up making it there in an hour despite having to finish a meeting he was in. It turned out I didn't blow my breaker box but instead a transformer somewhere close blew. The power company got the power switched back on while he was checking the breaker box. He didn't even charge me for coming out and checking it despite having to deal with some wasps that had made a home in my breaker box. This kind of friendly, honest service is very much appreciated. I have no doubt that if it had been my breaker box, he would have fixed it quickly and for a reasonable price. I'm keeping his number and will call for any future electrical work I need. I can't recommend KC Electrical enough. Thank you!" Michael R. - June 3, 2013